Jagiran River – Sar Pol-e-Zahab

Jagiran River – Sar Pol-e-Zahab

The Jagiran River is within the limits of the townships of Sar Pol-e-Zahab. This river is 67 km. in length and originates from the western slopes of the Molachieh and Shahan Mountains in the Posht Tang village (24 km. of north east of Qasr-e-Shirin), and feeds from tributaries like the Ab Talan.

This river after irrigating various villages and adjoining different rivers, 5 km. northeast of Qasr-e-Shirin enters the Iran-Iraq border, and within a distance of 11 km. northwest of Qasr-e-Shirin from the border, flows into Iraq, and in the west of the Sangar Jour Village flows into the Tigris River.

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