Jaajarmi Husseiniyeh – Bojnourd

Jaajarmi Husseiniyeh – Bojnourd

Jaajarmi Husseiniyeh is located in Bojnourd downtown in the historical district of this city, and dates back to the waning years of Qajarid era. Based on the existing inscriptions, this Husseiniyeh has been constructed in 1325 AH.

It is an example of traditional architecture which maintains a central courtyard. Its door and windows all overlook the courtyard. This architectural style is not common in Bojnourd as such, and has been mainly taken into consideration in dry regions.

The two-story building is square-shaped, covering a total area of 600 square meters. Its gateway is linked to central courtyard, while there are two stairways in its northeastern and southwestern corners, leading to the upper floor. Different parts of this building are decorated with brickworks, plasterworks, and inscriptions.

As we previously mentioned, Northern Khorasan Province maintains a diverse scenic landscape. The thick forests of Qorkhod in the city of Maneh, and the wildlife safe haven of Miandasht in Jaajarm are two of the scenic landscapes of this province, to name a few.

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