Imamzadeh Yahya – Sabzevar

Imamzadeh Yahya – Sabzevar

This Imamzadeh is situated at the cross roads between Asrar and Beyhaq Streets of Sabzevar. The aggregate of this Imamzadeh is compiled of the following:
The shrine, the large portico, with two minarets with the height of 29 m., two chambers in north and south of shrine. The shrine of the Imamzadeh has four halls. The internal walls are covered by marble.

An inscription in Tholth script can also be observed the theme of which are verses of the Holy Qoran. This structure dates back to the 6th century AH. There is no ancestoral evidance for Imamzadeh Yahya and most probably the same does not belong to Yahyebne Zeidebne Imam Zeinol Abedin Ali Ebnel Hassan.

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