Imamzadeh Shah Hamzeh – Qom

Imamzadeh Shah Hamzeh – Qom

Shahzadeh Hamzeh is the offspring of Moosa Ebne Ja’far and the sibling of Imam Reza. This Imamzadeh is located in the Old Square of Qom and is highly honored by the inhabitants. This structure has a very interesting plan. Its entrance doors of the courtyard open at such an angle so as to face the eastern and western sides. The courtyard is rectangular in shape surrounding it are arched roofs and adorned in the roman style.

One of the spectacular adornments of this mausoleum is the entrance porch to the shrine, which reveals a row of inscriptions worked on a background of azure, and dates back to 1301 AH. (The year that this structure was erected).

The checked white tiles on the walls of the porch are that of the Qajar era. Its ceiling has spiral effects together with conical shapes, and its dome has a spherical form at its apex. Internally and below the dome is constructed in a vaulted style with gypsum. Near this Imamzadeh is another Imamzadeh by the name of Imamzadeh Shah Ahmad, who is believed to be the sibling of Shahzadeh Hamzeh.

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