Imamzadeh Mohammad Mahrooq – Neyshaboor

Imamzadeh Mohammad Mahrooq – Neyshaboor

This tomb is one of the historical sites which dates back to the 10th century AH. Amazing tile-works of the portico, the entrance to the shrine, including inscriptions which are from Shah Tahmasb I era, are apparent.

A stone is installed which belongs to Shah Soltan Hossein Safavid era (1145 AH.) on which the date of 1119 AH. is inscribed. It also indicates that at the end of Safavid era, Mohammad Khan-e-Nami in Nayshabur had made efforts in the construction of a mosque and its Mosalla (praying center).

In this mausoleum one of the offspring of Hazrat Moosa Bin Jafar (AS) has been buried. This Imamzadeh is registered in historical records.

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