Imamzadeh Ja’far and Imamzadeh Mohammad – Damghan

Imamzadeh Ja’far and Imamzadeh Mohammad – Damghan

The aggregate of Imamzdeh Ja’far comprises of the mausoleum of Imamzadeh Ja’far, mausoleum of Imamzadeh Mohammad, Shahrokh’s tomb and the structure of Chehel Dokhtaran, located in the city center of Damqan.

The said dates back to the Saljuqi period. Imamzadeh Ja’far is the offspring of Imam Sajad and the dome of this mausoleum stands at an higher elevation than normal, and in the recent years has been repaired with ordinary bricks. The structure is square shaped with the tomb in the center with a wooden chest on it, engraved with sacred verses and names of the Imams of the Shiite sect. On the grave, there is a black vertical tomb stone, which is surrounded by the ‘zari’ or a beautifully carved wooden railing. Imamzadeh Mohammad is an offspring of Imam Moosa Kazem (A.S).

The mausoleum is octagonal, with the tomb (constructed of gypsum) in the center, on which is a wooden chest. In the vicinity of the porch is a tablet stating that this property has been endowed. Opposite this slab, is another, engraved with salutations to the Prophet Mohammad and the Twelve Imams. The structure dates to the reign of Mirza Alaoddoleh, offspring of Baisangar Ebne Amir Teimoor Gurgani.

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