Imamzadeh Dastgerd – Shahrekord

Imamzadeh Dastgerd – Shahrekord

The aggregate of Imamzadeh Dastgerd comprises of a tall gateway, corridors with various booths, sculptured pillars upholding the nocturnal prayers hall (Shabestan) and a brick inlaid ceiling.

The Mausoleum of the Imamzadeh is octagonal in shape, constructed with bricks, which has a bi-covered Dome. On he entrance and Zarih some poems inspired by the importance and personality of Imamzadeh has been inscribed. The building has been repaired during the reign of Mozafaredin Shah by Mohammad Khan reputedly known as Khan Baba Khan Riyahi.

The aggregate can be attributed to the Safavid era. One of the important and valuable relic of this mausoleum is an inscription on stone with the calligraphy of Mohammad Saleh, the reputed calligrapher of the times (Safavid era) with the date of 1124 AH. on it.

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