Imamzadeh Ahmad-ebne Eshaq – Qom

Imamzadeh Ahmad-ebne Eshaq – Qom

The same is related to the early 8th century AH. It is an octagonal structure with a conical dome. The porch was added to the building in the Qajar era. The adornments of the mausoleum are equivalent in rank to other known remnants of the province.

Its plaster work is worth mentioning as the same is relevant to the 8th century AH., and is a masterpiece of that age. Its gilded tiles, and cornices that display about 94 human, floral and animal motives, besides sacred inscriptions in ‘Naskh’ script can be noted here. The gilded altar and arched ceilings to the south of the mausoleum, constructed in the year 734 AH., today adorn the national treasury of the country.

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