Holy Shrine of Lady Fatima Masumeh – Qom

Holy Shrine of Lady Fatima Masumeh – Qom

Hadrat Fatemeh Ma’sumeh was born in Medina in early 173 AH (789 AD).
Her father was Mūsá ibn Ja‘far al-Kāzim, the seventh Shiite Imam, and his mother was Najmah who was known as “Tahereh” (chaste) because she led a chaste decent life. Hadrat Ma’sumeh was martyred in Qom on Rabi al Sani 12, 201 AH (October 28, 816 AD) at the age of 28. Today, her sacred shrine shines like the Sun in the center of Qom County and spiritually satisfies its pilgrims.

The tomb of Hadrat Ma’sumeh is located in the middle of a tall monument, and it is covered with gold tiles (early century 7). Around the shrine, there is a two-meter-high wall that was built in 950 and adorned with mosaic. Today, this wall is covered with a reticulated shrine made of silver.

After she passed away and was buried in Babylon Garden, her garden underwent many changes over time, and the extent and glory of its neighboring shrine and monuments gradually increased. Eventually, the garden became the most glorious and famous shrine in Iran after Astan Quds Razavi (i.e. Imam Reza’s Shrine).

There is a library called “Astaneh Library” in the shrine. There is also a museum in The Holy Shrine of Hadrat Fatemeh Ma’sumeh to which valuable and priceless gifts have been offered over time.

The holy shrine was registered in the list of Iran’s National Heritage in 1931 under the registration number of 127.

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