Hezar Mountain – Bam

Hezar Mountain – Bam

The said mountain is located in the Rayn Village of Bam, and has an altitude of 4,465 m. This region extends over an area of 900 sq. km. and comprises of the Sarboneh and Sarmashk that adjoin the Lalehzar and Bahr Aseman Mountains.

The Marqzar and Tah Rood Rivers segregate these mountains from the Barez Ranges. The Garchidan and Gishigan Rivers take their sources in the eastern skirts of these mountains, flowing into the Tah Rood River.

From its northern front, the Kashak River and other overflows run towards the northwest. In the south and south western skirts of these mountains the ‘Roodrou’ and ‘Halil Rood’ Rivers form their sources.

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