Hezar Masjed Mountains – Quchan

Hezar Masjed Mountains – Quchan

The direction of these ranges are from the north-west to the south-east and are a continuation of the Kapeh Daq and Balkhan Mountains situated in Tukemenistan. A part of the Hezar Masjed Mountains are known as Kapeh Daq. This range along the Daregaz – Quchan Road is called Allaho Akbar, the main peak of which stands 2,804 m. high. To the east of these mountains, are the peaks of Kamas and Kharposhteh and these are 2,410 m. in height.

The Emarat Mountain is located to the east of Quchan city, and Atrak River originates from there. The highest peak,i.e., Hezar Masjed is 3,040 m. in height, and is located to the north-west of Mashad. Situated in the northern skirts of this area, the Kalat-e-Nadery region exists.

The continuation of Hezar Masjed Ranges in the east, terminate to Qarah Daq and Mozduran Mountains. The altitude of these mountains does not exceed 1650 m. in the Qarah Daq and 1200 m. in Mozduran peaks. These ranges segregate the Sarakhs plains and Pakooh from the Kashaf Rood River.

The continuation of the Hezar Masjed Range to the south of Sarakhs forms lower hills which are not more than 800 m. in height .The Harir Rood River or Tajan (at the borders of Iran and Turkemenistan) flows in these hillocks from south to north and forms altitudes 250 m. in height.

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