Hand Carved Caves of Haraz – Amol

Hand Carved Caves of Haraz – Amol

Dastkand (Hand carved) caves of Haraz road which is called Kafer Keli in the district are hand carved spaces carved in Haraz road and in different locations of Bala Larijan rural district between damns and cliffs. No hand carved caves are as centered as these caves in Iran.

These hand carved caves start in Haraz valley from Ask village the former center of Bala Larijan rural district and continues to Panjab village for 42 kilometers in the heights overlooking Haraz valley and also in several side valleys between these two locations. It is interesting that 6 of these caves are located in the side of Haraz valley and Haraz River and valley, and others are located in the several kilometer distance and further from Haraz canyon.

Most of these hand carved colonies have several rooms with light entrances, surveillance locations, restrooms in upper floors and kitchen.

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