Haj Qoli Khan House – Qom

Haj Qoli Khan House – Qom

This house is in the old network of the city of Qom, in a locality reputedly known as Chaharmardan. According to its structural characteristics and information obtained from the former tenants, this structure is related to the late Qajar period. But its south facing chambers and areas, which bear a still further archaic effect, date over 120 years.

The entrance of this edifice is a short one with an arched ceiling similar to that of the roman architecture, worked in brick. The same gives way to a six-sided vestibule and corridor in the northern front, leading to the central courtyard.

The most interesting feature of this five-door building is the eastern side, which has two wind trappers that are in connection with the external areas as well as the basement. Furthermore, the northern front, with its six doors and porch with columns of stone, are vital aspects of this building. In regards to the artistic works and adornments, the building boasts of wooden doors, turreted roof, wind trappers, and carved pillars.

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