Haftad Qoleh Protected Area – Arak

Haftad Qoleh Protected Area – Arak

Expanding over 82.125 hectares, it is located in Arak and Mahalat. This region includes a complex of heights, hills and plains with steppe coverage. Its mountainous regions have rare species of wild flora.

These are effective in preserving soil texture and forming underground water. Haftad Qoleh which stretches from a north to south direction has seventy peaks. This vicinity, due to special merits and abundance of a variety of wildlife has been considered as one of the oldest hunting regions of Iran which was favoured by monarchs specially kings of Qajar.

Since 1970, as this region has become poor regarding wildlife and floral coverage, along with some other areas, the Department of the Environment declared it as a hunting prohibited and protected area.

This region experiences cold winters and moderate summers. Reputed springs such as Chekab and Sibak are located in these mountains. The Chekab Valley lies between the Bazard and Haftad Qoleh Mountains. The Sibak Valley is between Haftad Qoleh and Bar Aftab Aqai Mountains. The Chekab Valley is a wild life habitat.

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