Grand Mosque of Urmia – Urmia

Grand Mosque of Urmia – Urmia

The Jāme Mosque of Urmia also known as, Rezayieh Mosque, is the grand, congregational mosque (Jāme) of Urmia, Iran. The mosque is situated in the old part of the city and was constructed in 13th century during the Ilkhanate era.

The Grand Mosque is considered an architectural masterpiece dating back to hundreds of years ago.
Situated in the old part of the city, the Grand Mosque of Urmia was constructed in the 13th century. However, some believe that it used to be a fire temple before the Islamic era.

Archaeologists who studied the mosque’s architectural structure maintain that its dome dates back to Seljuk era (11th century). Meanwhile, there are historical and geographical documents dating back to the 10th century in which the mosque’s name is mentioned. Therefore, some researchers believe the mosque belongs to pre-Seljuk eras. However, the date written on the mosque’s altar shows the year 1256, which coincides with the time of Ilkhanate rulers.

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