Gorgan Palace Museum – Gorgan

Gorgan Palace Museum – Gorgan

Gorgan Specific Palace or Gorgan Palace Museum or Gorgan Royal Palace is related to the first Pahlavid era and is located in City Park (previously a library). Gorgan Palace has been one of the 12 palaces of Pahlavid family and their living place in the area.

After being repaired, the place was turned into Gorgan Palace Museum. This Palace Museum was the first museum in the north f Iran and is considered the specific archaeological museum and the twenty fourth museum in the country. Two major parts of the museum are: Introduction of famous people in Golestan and royal objects sections.

This monument was registered in the list of Iran’s national monuments on 26th of Azar 1336 with registration number 1538. It was repaired and reconstructed on 24th of Ordibehesht and opened in 1388.

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