Gohar Lake – Tehran

Gohar Lake – Tehran

Gohar Gohar consists of 2 parts to big names (Gohar head) And small Gohar (Gohar Korea) Is. Gohar Lake Great about 1700 meters long and 400 to 800 meters wide and 4 to 28 m depth is. Gohar was great.

Shore of the lake but the lake entries (The west side) And the Mqablash (East side) The sandy beach is suitable for swimming and the rest of the rocky beach is not suitable for swimming. At the bottom of lakes, dense forest that is on the verge of destruction.

There is also a dense forest in the upper part of the forest is in danger. From the top, atmospheric water pours into the lake which continues to the lake leads. It is about 40 minutes walk to the lake (Gohar Gohar second or bottom) Receipt. Its depth is low and fish is nice to see the lake bottom with a little care.

The water is 10 cubic feet per second inflow and outflow of about 20 cubic feet per second. and with a bit of momentum into the small lake and after a short distance into the lake Gohar.

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