Ganjali Khan Complex – Kerman

Ganjali Khan Complex – Kerman

Ganjali Khan Complex is located downtown in Kerman beside Kerman Grand Bazaar. Ganjali Khan was one of the famous governors of Shah Abbas era who ruled over Kerman from 1005 until 1034 and established numerous monuments and buildings and attempted to the prosperity of the area.

Some of the public buildings that have remained from his time include Ganjali Khan Complex in Kerman and Zeinoding Caravanserai (Ganjali Khan Caravanserai) on Yazd-Kerman Road, Khan Pool on Kerman-Mashhad Road and some aqueducts in Kerman City. A share of the revenue of the complex and aqueducts is given to Astan Qods Razavi. These buildings were irreparably damaged during Aqa Mohammad Khan attacks.

The area of Ganjali Khan Complex is 11000 square meters and it includes a square, bazaar, bath, school, mosque, inn, bank and citren. Ganjali Khan Bazaars are located in three sides of the square and coppersmith bazaar forms the major bazaar order. The architect of the complex was Master Sultan Mohammad Architect Yazdi and its founder was Ganjali Khan, the governor of Kerman during 1005-1029 hijri. There are four mosques at four sides of the square, three of which are remaining and the most elegant mosque is in the eastern side of the inn which is considered a museum of decorative arts.

Ganjali Khan Complex was recorded in the list of Ian’s national monuments on 26th of Ordibehesht 1347 with registration number 829.

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