Fossil Site of Maraghe – Maragheh

Fossil Site of Maraghe – Maragheh

Fossil Site of Maraghe is one of the richest fossil areas in the world and in the last studies conducted, ancestral fossils of mammoth, giraffe and deer have been discovered in this area. Fossil layers existing in Maraghe relate to the end of Cenozoic era of geology, i.e. seven to twelve million years ago, and accurate information about lives of these giant animals can be obtained by scientific exploration. Due to existence of Mastodon and mammoth fossils (pre-history fossils), fossil area of Maraghe has global fame and now, it is under protection of environment organization.

Fossil area of Maraghe as the first national, natural and fossil remnant of Iran has the highest protection ranking of environment organization.

Fossil site of Maraghe is one the most scarce sites of the world in terms of mammals’ fossils which has been paid attention by scientific communities of the world from years ago.

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