Forest Park Gisoum – Talesh

Forest Park Gisoum – Talesh

One of the landmarks of Gilan province and city Talesh Forest Park “Gisoum” is. Beauty and towering trees to create a forest tunnel is the heart of every visitor is gone.

In the south of Gisoum, Rezvanshahr 14 km away and on the north Talesh city with 20 km distance is located. Although “Gisoum” Just in the first half of tourists, but it must be said that if successful in the first half of traveling to this area of natural beauty for tourism are not “Gisoum” in autumn and winter is not less than the spring and summer.

Forest “Gisoum” with an area of 80 hectares, from a rainforest tree and plant species that is certain, it provides a beautiful view for tourists, A total of 76 species belonging to 66 genera and 44 families in the flat area of northern Gilan has been identified as 21 species of wood and the rest of the understory species.

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