Feizieh Religious Science School – Qom

Feizieh Religious Science School – Qom

The said is one of the famous centers of theology related to the Shiite sect. This school took the place of the already established ‘Astaneh School’ in the mid 13th century, the same was founded in the Safavid era.

The school has four porches and is a double storeyed structure with 40 chambers on the lower floor, (Qajar period), and 40 chambers on the upper floor, built in the 14th century AH. The ancient sector of the school is the southern porch, dating back to 939 AH., adorned with beautiful sudorific tile work of the Safavid age. This vicinity is known as the entrance and archaic courtyard of the Holy Shrine of Hazrat Ma’soomeh (AS).

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