Falakol Aflak Castle Museum – Khorram Abad

Falakol Aflak Castle Museum – Khorram Abad

This palace (museum) is one of the historical structures related to the Sassanian era. The said is located on a hill in the midst of the city of Khoram Abad. A section of this palace was converted into a museum in the years 1976-1977. This museum comprises of two sections named as, an archaeology and an anthropology sector.

In the year 1989, after under going repairs and the addition of yet another section that exhibited engravings and earthenware, the museum was re-opened. The original museum has begun its activities by the name of, “The Anthropological and Admiralty Metals Museum of Lurestan”.

In the above mentioned museum, exhibits such as, tomb – stones related to the 2nd-7th centuries AH. Inscriptions of the Kashgan Bridge and the Jame’ Mosque of the city, decrees related to the Safavid period engraved on marble, earthenware, admiralty metal, pictures and paintings of the famous personalities of Lurestan province.

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