Esmaeilieh Castle – Saveh

Esmaeilieh Castle – Saveh

The said castle is near the village of Qiz Qaleh, on a rocky mass in the Qarah Daq Mountains, 35 km. southwest of Saveh. All around this castle, with full skill and expertise, some tunnels have been constructed, each of which served as defense trenches. Near the castle, and within the rock, a water reservoir can be noted.

The main structure of the castle is on a terrace overlooking the Saveh plain. The symmetrical layout in the construction of the building has been strictly considered and observed. On each side there is a corridor and three chambers which are connected to a porch. Near the entrance of the main building, there is another structure which was an area for worship, and its altar can still be noted in the southwestern sector. To the north of the castle are the remnants of a village and hillock, where earthenware of the 5th and 4th millennium BC. have been discovered.

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