Emam Hasan Asgari Mosque of Qom – Qom

Emam Hasan Asgari Mosque of Qom – Qom

After As’arians came to Qom, they destroyed Qom’s fire temple and instead established a mosque in this town which in fact was the first mosque of this town.

Since old times, people of Qom believed that a part of today’s mosque was established by the order of Imam Hassan Asqari (praise be upon him) and by his special counsel, Ahmed Ibn-e Ishaq Ash’ari Qomi and from the location share of Imam Hassan Asqari(praise be upon him) in the third Hijri century.

The current building of Imam Hassan Mosque include a forecourt, entrance transom, court, southern veranda, seraglios, basement and four seraglios in different sides of the court.

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