Einol Qozat-e-Hamadani Tomb – Hamedan

Einol Qozat-e-Hamadani Tomb – Hamedan

Another famous personality of Hamadan province is Abdollah Ben Mohammad Mianji Hamadani. A great physician and gnostic of the 6th century AH. He was born in Hamadan in the year 492 AH. and devoted his youth in scholarly activities and gaining knowledge. Thereby, becoming a great teacher as well as a magistrate or judge of his times. He was brave as a judge and had no qualms about stating his beliefs.

This characteristic of him, prompted Abol Qassem Dargizini to issue an order for his to be hanged in the year 525 AH. when he was 32 years old.

This personality was also a writer and poet. The lamenting versus composed by him are a part of Farsi (Persian) Literature today.

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