Eidj (Dahqoloo) Waterfall – Ramsar

Eidj (Dahqoloo) Waterfall – Ramsar

This waterfall gains its flow permanently from the melting snows of the Cheshm Chal Mountains in the heights of Eshkavar-e-Oliya. After flowing for a distance, it cascades from a rock onto another, and then forms numerous other waterfalls, thus flowing into the depth of the Eshkavar-e-Oliya Valley. The focal point of this waterfall is its major output of water, and the cave-like cavities formed in the rocks behind this waterfall.

Springs are also present around this vicinity. Coupled with the enhancing weather conditions and beautiful landscape of the permanent glaciers of the Cheshm Chal Mountains and the flora and fauna which in itself is a sight to witness.

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