Dodehak Caravansary – Delijan

Dodehak Caravansary – Delijan

The same is located on the eastern banks of the Qomrood River and on the Dodehak-Khorheh Road, and near the historical Safavid caravansary of Dodehak.

It is related to the Safavid era, and the towers constructed on each of its eastern, northern and western ramparts, reveal that the structure was built like a defense unit. After the entrance gateway is a porch with stairs leading to the courtyard.

The eastern porch was constructed on the basement storage area. To the right side of the porch are two chambers, the first is square in shape and used as an area for prayers of the caravansary whereas the four corners of the structure were utilized as storage areas for goods. Two other vicinities provided as stables. The foundation of this structure was of stone, where as the facade was of brick. Parts of the same were ruined, but recently have been repaired.

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