Delgosha Jame Mosque – Bandar Abbas

Delgosha Jame Mosque – Bandar Abbas

Jemeh Mosque of Bandar Abbas, also known as Delgosha Mosque, is located in Bandar Abbas City, Hormozgan Province, and it is one of the most important religious monuments of this province.

This monument lies around the corner of Telaqani (Saheli) Boulevard and Jameh Mosque of Bandar Abbas Street. It is among the monuments of centuries 12 and 13 AH (centuries 18 and 19 AD). This monument consists of two shabestans. The older one contains several pillars with stucco capitals similar to Gallehdari and Dezhgan Mosques.

This monument has been registered in the list of Iran’s National Heritage under the registration number of 1599.

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