Chal Nakhjir Cave – Delijan

Chal Nakhjir Cave – Delijan

Chal Nakhjir is known for its exceptional white dolomite sediments, covering the floor of major corridors of the cave. The Speleothems are exceptional too, looking like white popcorn. Even regular stalactites and stalagmites have this pure white cover of calcite and Aragonite crystals. A cave lake is located 140 m inside the cave, 70 m below the entrance. The passages reach heights of more than 20 m.

The cave is developed as a show cave at the moment. The first part of the cave is completed and was opened in May 2006. However, the development is ongoing and the tourist part will be increased. The cave is – like other caves in Iran-developed primarily for the inland tourism, not for tourists from abroad. Unfortunately the amount of information outside Iran is very sparse.

The cave is developed by Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts, and Tourism Organization (ICHHTO). But it seems they do not have the knowledge to do this, as there were several problems lately. The incomplete development of the cave has yet to be completed by creating an artificial entrance for the cave.

This would be the exit for the tour allowing through trips. The project was started on 18-JUL-2007 but it was stopped by the provincial Department of Environment, to avoid damages to the cave. It seems the constructor tried to illegally resume the project on 25-JUL-2007. Staff of the Department of Environment rushed to the cave right after they were informed about this.

The discussion soon resulted in some physical struggle with the workmen. As a result the Markazi Governor Office disapproved the illegal activities. The case was taken to court which ruled to arrest the contractor.

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