Biglar Beigi Tekyeh – Kermanshah

Biglar Beigi Tekyeh – Kermanshah

This monument is located in Sarem al-Dowleh Alley in the old neighborhood called Feyzabad. This tekyeh that was built in Qajar era by Abdollah Khan, known as Biglar Beigi is unique among Kermanshah tekyehs in terms of mirror works.

In the western side of the yard, a great mirrored hall is built which is known as Husseiniyeh. The hall is covered with perfect decorations and numerous inscriptions from Mozaffar al-Din Shah’s reign and the great Biglar Beigi Guestroom is located on both sides. Biglar Beigi Tekyeh is visited by public at the moment as the museum of calligraphy and writing.

Ancient documents of Bigli Beigi family are put on a show in this museum.

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