Bard Neshandeh Temple – Masjed Soleiman

Bard Neshandeh Temple – Masjed Soleiman

Bard Neshandeh is one of the places of worship in ancient Iran where religious rituals were held in an open area. ‘Bard’ in Kurdish language means ‘Rock’ and ‘Stone’. The structure of this relic belongs to the Parsee and Achaemenian periods, while the engrossment works on stones dates back to the Parthian era.

The statue of “Heraclitus” or “Hercules”, with the height of more than 2 m. was excavated from this temple. This vicinity consists of three distinctly separated areas,i.e., the palace, a worship place of to the east of the palace and the residential areas placed to the north.

Valuable and historical relics have been discovered here, these are displayed and kept in local and museums abroad. The most important of these vestiges are, ancient statues, coins and earthenware.

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