Bara’-ebne Malek Tomb – Shushtar

Bara’-ebne Malek Tomb – Shushtar

The same lies to the north of Shooshtar. It is opposite the Salasel Castle, and is one of the oldest tombs of the Islamic period in Iran. Bara’-ebne-Malek Ansari was one of the disciples of the Prophet Mohammad (AS).

Bara’-ebne-Malek was martyred during the conquest of Shooshtar in the year 17 or 18 AH by Hormozan the ruler of Khuzestan.

Within the mausoleum is a wooden painted sepulcher with a simple grave. The main chamber of the mausoleum is in the upper section, on which a circular structure is erected. Inside the mausoleum and the internal dome is constructed according to the Safavid architecture.

The external facade of mausoleum displays a fine piece of plaster work and paintings. It is adorned by beautiful tile works and inscriptions. Eight windows with roman style crescent shaped arches have been placed at regular intervals between the inscriptions.

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