Band-e Kaisar – Shushtar

Band-e Kaisar – Shushtar

This monument was registered in the list of Iran’s national monuments on 15th of Dey 1310 with registration number 78. Pol-e Band Shadirvan is built on Shatit Branch and is one of the most fundamental sections of Shushtar water utilities.

This bridge was registered in the list of national monuments with registration number 78. The backgrounds of constructing this bridge go back to Sassanid Shapur era and according to the evidences, it was founded and built at Shapur Sassanid time. Pol-e Band Shadirvan is 300 meters from the south of Band-e Mizan in North West of Shushtar on the main branch of Karun (Shatit) River. Its remains can be seen beside Azadegan Bridge at the moment.

This bridge along with 15 other historical water monuments in Shushtar was registered in the list of world monuments in the annual UNESCO World Heritage committee on 26th of June 2009 (5th of Tir 1388).

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