Bahram-e-Gor Palace – Garmsar

Bahram-e-Gor Palace – Garmsar

In the slopes of the northern heights of the Siyah Kooh mountains to the south of Garmsar, are the remnants of a famous palace, The Shah Abbas palace, which is reputed in this aggregate. This palace is square in shape with six towers and two gateways, standing to the north and south. The structure has been made of white polished limestone blocks, which are large in size.

The stone affixed to the top of the doorway is of one piece. On the two sides of the doorway are two small chambers used as a sentry post. Within the large courtyard are 20 small rooms. To the east of which is another large courtyard with a tall arched or barrel-shaped roof. In the western section are halls with shelves throughout and a porch in front.

This palace also has a cellar. The water utilized by the inmates of this edifice, was obtained from a spring called Cheshmeh Shah on the skirts of the Siyah Kooh mountains. The water was channeled to this vicinity by a series of earthenware and stone made pipes. This in itself was a very interesting feature.

The earthenware around this structure is related to the Temporized period and was repaired to be utilized during the Safavid era.

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