Bahookalat River – Iran Shahr

Bahookalat River – Iran Shahr

The Bahookalat River is one of the gushing rivers of the region of Sistan Va Baluchestan, and is one of the major factors of livelihood and flourishment in the south of this area. This river collects the surface waters from vast areas of south of the townships of Iran Shahr and Chabahar, before flowing into the Oman Sea.

This river takes its source in the mountains southeast of Iran Shahr and with the name of the Rigab River, flows from the Sarbaz Village towards the southeast. After which the Dasht Yari river adjoins it, and after following a meandering course, 90 km. east of Chabahar flows into the Oman Sea.

The length of the river is 340 km. and its basin has an area of about 8,000 sq. km. This river provides a habitat for the Iranian crocodile in particular.

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