Bahmaei Village – Dehdasht (Kohgiluyeh)

Bahmaei Village – Dehdasht (Kohgiluyeh)

The Bahmaei sector with its center as Kilak comprises of two small villages by the names of “frontier Bahmaei” and “tropical Bahmaei”.

The Lirab and Sidoon Rivers (that join together forming the Aiyla River), are flowing in this section and enter Jarahi River ultimately.

Various springs are present in this area and grant an outstanding view to this region. Bahmaei is surrounded by several mountains of which the most important ones to be mentioned are Siyah Kooh and Sefid Kooh with a height of 3,124 meters. Bahmaei has a temperate and dry climate. Tang-e-Sorook is one of the most natural and attractive areas of this village.

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