Azar Borzin Mehr Fire Temple of Reyvand – Sabzevar

Azar Borzin Mehr Fire Temple of Reyvand – Sabzevar

A fire temple from the pre-Islamic era located in the environs of Sabzevar town, and it is probable that this fire temple is the Borzin Mehr fire temple, which was one of the three important fire temples of Zoroastrians.

The existence of Azar Borzin Mehr fire temple indicates that this era had a particular position before Islam. The location of the ancient town is not clear. This temple is currently located near Reyvand district. The name of this district is mentioned in Shahnameh of Ferdowsi as “Reevniz” and it is said that it is from 5000 years ago. The existence of the fire temple in this area indicates its importance in remote pasts.

Azar Borzin Mehr fire temple is located in Sabzevar town, in the northern heights of Davarzan district and in Fashteq village. Davarzan district is the western entrance gate of Khorasan Razavi province in the international route of TehranMashhad and to the west of Sabzevar.

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