Azam Mosque of Qom – Qom

Azam Mosque of Qom – Qom

Azam Mosque of Qom (The great mosque of Qom) is one of the spectacular relics of Qom which was established by the hands and efforts of Ayat Allah Ol-Ozma Broujerdi in Dhu al-Qi’dah 11th of 1374, equal to Tir 21st of 1333 (July 12th, 1954) (Imam Reza’s(praise be upon him) birthday) in a glorious ceremony. The architecture of this mosque was designed by Master “Hussein Ibn-e Muhammad-e Me’mar” known as Master Lorzadeh. This mosque was named great because of its greatness and grandeur.

“The great mosque of Qom” is registered as a national relic of the country.

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