Avicenna Tomb Museum – Hamedan

Avicenna Tomb Museum – Hamedan

The new memorial structure of the tomb of Avicenna (Bu Ali Sina), was constructed in the year 1941 right in its former location. From the architectural aspect the dome of the said structure is an inspiration from ‘The Gonbad-e-Qaboos’ in the plains of Gorgan, and ‘Persepolis’ or Takht-e-Jamshid. In the museum here, ancient relics, an anthropology section and books of Avicenna are on display.

Besides which exhibits such as bronze statues related to the 1st millennium BC., gourd bottles (or canteens), coins, beads and articles of silver related to the Sassanid period. The tomb of the great Gnostic ‘Qazvini’ is also located in this vicinity.

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