Asif Khan Vaziri Mansion (Khane Kurd) – Sanandaj

Asif Khan Vaziri Mansion (Khane Kurd) – Sanandaj

Asif Mansion, also called Khane Kord in Sanandaj is a symbol of the cultural identity of Kurdish people and anthropological treasury of Kurdish people as the most invaluable cultural and historical monuments in Kurdistan.

The mansion was established by “the Great Asif” (Mirza Ali Naghi Khan Lashkar Nevis) in Safavid era. Asif Mansion was formed in four eras. The first era was related to the northern side of it including royal livingroom, rooms and side halls and part of eastern and western sides were for Safavid era.

The second era of formation of Asif Mansion dates back to the first part of Qajar period. The eastern and western sides of the exterior yard and mansion bath were built in this period. The third era includes the interior rooms, portal and the half porch entrance and the reconstruction of the western part of the royal livingroom are related to 1312 until 1316 solar Hijri years. The fourth period of creating Asif Mansion is related to 1378 to 1382 which included the repairing of all parts of the mansion, changing the cobblestones of the yard, reconstruction of servants’ yard in its today format.

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