Ashraf Hall – Isfahan

Ashraf Hall – Isfahan

Ashraf Hall is from Safavid era located in Ostandari Street, Sepah Street in Isfahan. The monument was registered on 15th of Dey 1310 with registration number 106 as one of Iran’s national monuments.

The mansion known as Ashraf Hall is remaining from Safavid palaces that had formed a set of glorious palaces of that time along with other palaces like the Roofed Hall, Eight Paradise Palace, Posht-e Matbakh (Behind the Kitchen) Palace, Rakib Khaneh and Timurid Hall.

The word “Ashraf” has made some people call the mansion “Ashraf-e Afghan”. However, researchers’ studies indicate the fact that “Ashraf Hall” was built at Shah Abbas II time and was completed at his successor’s time, Shah Soleiman.
This gilding monument is highly glorious in terms of decorations, paintings, beautiful Mogharnases, moldings and arch Taghs.

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