Altitudes and Summits – Semnan

Altitudes and Summits – Semnan

The northern heights of Semnan province are in the southern sector of the mountainous wall of the Alborz Mountains.

The most important heights in the eastern sector of the Alborz Mountains, in the Semnan region and Shahmirzad are, Shahvar with an altitude of 3,000 m. Khosh Yelaq reaching a height of 2,802 m., the Khiashak peak with an elevation of 2,670 m and the Abar peak with a height of 2,630 m. between Damqan and Semnan.

A branch of the Sefid Kooh Mountains together with the Soltan Shahrokh and Panj Kooh Mountains, and to the north of Garmsar the Soolak peak majestically rises upwards.

Famous passes that can be used as recreational areas are named as, the Shamsheer Pass (west of Shah Kooh between Gorgan and Damqan), the Khosh Yelaq Pass (between Shahrood and Gorgan), the Ahovan Pass (between Semnan and Damqan), the Bashm Pass (between Semnan and Firooz Kooh), the Chashm Pass (between Shahmirzad and Chashm) and the Sardarreh Khar Pass.

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