The Hotel Voucher

What is the Voucher of hotel?

If you are one of those people who travel a lot and in other words you tend to excursion, you have surly chosen different accommodations in different cities of the world. One of the common words we’ve always heard in this case is Hotel Voucher. In this article we’re going to explain you the meaning of a Hotel Voucher. Join us in Travital;

The Hotel Voucher

Hotel Voucher means the confirmation of room reservation in hotel and it’s some information like the name of guest, the date of entering and exiting and information about the hotel and the type of rooms and services. It’s a proof that shows the guest has fully paid the price of room but you can’t see the price in that.

If we want to explain more simply, when you reserve a room in a hotel online and pay the cost by using internet, a payment receipt will be submitted to you. This receipt is that Hotel Voucher which can be got throughout different ways. For example you can get it from hotel reception directly or you can get it online from your reservation website. The considerable point is that the info on this receipt should be exactly according to your passport.

When you get this receipt you should submit it to hotel reception on time as this receipt is the proof of your reservation.

In some countries which are a member of Schengen you have to submit the reservation receipt first in order to get visa.