Top 10 Hotels In Gheshm

Gheshm (or Qeshm) is from those kinds of destinations which lots of people would like to get introduced with its native people life. As this island has a very nice and hospital people, though the guests are always most welcome to their houses, However there are lots of good residences in this island and we can introduce you some of them as best ones.

Get introduced with top 10 hotels in Gheshm

We are going to introduce you top 10 best hotels in this island and investigate the services and entertainment facilities, rooms, accesses and the sights of the city. So stay with us in Travital and you will be able to choose best resident in Gheshm at the end.

Khalij-e Fars Hotel – Qeshm

Khalij-e Fars Hotel, One of the bests in Gheshm

It is one of the best hotels in Gheshm which has different climate for being so close to the beach. Having lots of entertainment facilities is one of the features this hotel has; such as tennis tables, billiard salons, ping pong area and salons and lots of other entertainments. However, the most important reason which makes this hotel the most famous one, is that you only need to have some step and find yourself in beautiful beach. We will mention some of the services of this hotel and remember if you are going to travel to this island you can book your hotel right here in Travital.

Game room, water sports facilities, special beach, coffee shop, reception forum, LED TV in lobby, restaurant and boat riding.

Tell: +987635344330

Address: Elmo Sanat Square, Gheshm

Fulton Residential Complex – Qeshm

Fulton Boutique Hotel, The most luxury resident in Gheshm

One of the most different and special hotels which its name is in list of the best hotels in Gheshm. It was established in 2015 and today works as one of the best in this island. It is divided to 3 different buildings; villa, hotel and apartment. The rooms are very clean and equipped and has every necessary thing that guests need it. Fulton Residential Complex is located in Hamoon pool so the distance to most of the attractions is only about 10 minutes. The services are included;

Conference hall, newspaper, suitcase room, sauna, safe box, parking, restaurant and car rental institute

Tell: +987635344265

Address: After Hamoon camp, Khalij-e Fars highway, Gheshm

Sahel Talaei Hotel (Golden Beach) - Gheshm

Golden Beach (Sahel Talaei) Hotel, with suitable price

In 15 kilometers to Gheshm, golden beach hotel is located which it’s name is between the best ones in Gheshm. This hotel accommodate 24 hours booking service and has many entertainment services aside different residential rooms,suits and villas as well. Each of these residents has special separated parking. Here are some services;

Special beach, restaurant, water sports facilities, internet in lobby, game park for children, swimming pool, jet ski, canopy

Tell: +987635342900

Address: Opposite the Shah Shahid shrine, the beach road, Gheshm


geo park hotel qeshm

Geopark Hotel, a clean and renovate hotel in Gheshm

The distance with beach is very short and some of the rooms even open to the beach view. People who have reside in this hotel always have complemented the nice behavior of staff and good services of hotel. It has easy access to Portuguese castle and Gheshm bazaar. The services of this hotel:

Safe box, restaurant, refrigerator, internet, coffee shop, laundry, separate W.C, fire alarm system

Address: Next to Meraj building, before the Zakeri wharf, Gheshm


Apadana Hotel in Qeshm

Apadana hotel, an experienced residence

This 3-stars hotel with floors has a great restaurant in a happy atmosphere and services are given, are complete and perfect. Here are some services of Apadana hotel:

Internet in lobby, refrigerator, restaurant, coffee shop, taxi service, separate W.C, taxi service, air conditioner, TV

Address: Next to Dr Mohammadi clinic, Valiasr street, Gheshm

Aram Hotel in Qeshm

Aram hotel, one of the best hotels in Qeshm Island

This hotel has established in 2006 and reconstructed in 2018. It is in 4 floors and 23 rooms. The rooms are good and comfortable and easy access to shopping centers is one the interesting futures of this hotel. The services are included:

Suitcase room, restaurant, prayer room, air conditioner, internet in lobby, first aid box, laundry and taxi services

Address: Rezvan alley, before Pardis intersection,Valiasr boulevard, Gheshm

Irman Hotel Qeshm

Irman boutique hotel, a hotel with mixed modern and tradition architecture

This hotel is very famous  because of it’s modern and traditional interior. It is in 5 floors with 2 or 3-room suites. All the rooms in this hotel are equipped with double plus a single bed and gives you a sense of being at home. The distance to most of the sights and attractions and shopping centers is only about 4 to 6 minutes. Some of the services in this hotel are;

Safe box, IPTV, coffee shop, internet in lobby


Address: The corner of Payam street, Pazhohesh street, Nakhle Zarrin, Gheshm

Irman Boutique Hotel – Qeshm

Irman Boutique Hotel – Qeshm

IRMAN Boutique Hotel is ready to welcome its beloved tourists and guests with a professional and experienced team. This hotel is the first boutique hotel in Qeshm with beautiful and unique design in its traditional yet modern style. There is only a four-minute walking distance between the hotel and the most important and largest Qeshm commercial areas, such as City Center One and Two, Star, Pardis, and Ferdowsi complexes. Irman hotel, offers 38 dreamy rooms in 5 floors with various types ...

from: $74.58/nightBook NowRead More

Arta Hotel Qeshm Iran

Arta Hotel, a very luxury and beautiful hotel

It is one of the other good and qualified hotels in Gheshm. It established in 2018 in a building with 7 floors and 48 rooms. There are different beautiful rooms and suits in this hotel with lots of services and easy access to Persian Gulf beach. The hotel is located near the Star Mall and city centers and you will be able to go for shopping whenever you want. Some of the services are included;

Parking, fire alarm system, dresser, heating and cooling system, safe box, internet in lobby, air conditioner, restaurant


Address: Next to Bandare Bahman wharf, Imam Gholi Khan Square, Gheshm

Eram, yet another good hotel in the Island

A luxury and renovated 4-stars hotel in Gheshm which has built in 2015 in 5 floors with 96 rooms in different classes. This hotel has many different facilities and the staff behavior is also very nice and respectful. Here are some services of this hotel:

Safe box, hygiene tools, internet in room, separate bathroom, tea maker, heating and cooling system

Tell: +987635229080

Address: Opposite the Shilat, Azadegan boulevard, Gheshm

Singo Hotel Qeshm

Singo hotel,best hotel in guests view

One of other good 3-stars hotels which is equipped with 64 great rooms. One of the features of this hotel that make it to a favorite choice of tourists is that its located exactly in center of Dargahan provides short little distance between you and Persian Gulf beaches and best shopping centers. The services of this good hotel;

Hygiene tools, study desk, heating and cooling system, separate bath, room service, air conditioner, internet in room and dresser

Tell: +987635274245

Address: Second floor, Darya Mall, Dargahan, Gheshm


In this article we introduced you top 10 hotels in Qeshm and hope you will have an appropriate choice in your trip. Have you ever had the experience of staying in one of these hotels? share it in a comment here with us please. Meanwhile you are able to book any hotel or tour here in Travital and even read about sights and attractions of Iran.

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