The Top 15 dishes in Iran, according to Travelers’ experiences

Have you ever had a friend and would like to introduce the best and most delicious Iranian food to him? What would you say if you wanted to introduce some delicious Iranian food? In this article, we are going to introduce you some of the most famous Iranian dishes according to Travelers’ experiences. These foods are known all over the world as representatives of Iranian cuisine and we must say that they are fairly good representatives. First of all, we have to say that these foods do not have a specific order, so don’t be mad if your favorite food is introduced at the end! Join Travital.

chelo kebab
Chelo Kebab

Chelo Kebab

Chelo Kebab is undoubtedly the most famous Iranian dish and many people know this Iranian cuisine, the Chelo Kebab. The variety of kebabs is very popular among Iranians and tourists. Chloe kebab, as you know, is usually served with grilled tomatoes and peppers, saffron rice, Doogh and fresh vegetables. Of course, sometimes they are eaten with bread instead of rice, mostly with Sangak Bread which is a kind of Iranian bread.

ghormeh sabzi
Ghormeh Sabzi Stew

Ghormeh Sabzi

If you ask many Iranians which food is the most popular, they will probably say Ghormeh Sabzi. A kind of Vegetable stew is prepared with plenty of fragrant vegetables, onions, Omani lemons, red beans (in some parts of Iran, pink and white beans) and fried mutton, veal or lamb. The secret of a delicious vegetable broth is like many Iranian dishes when cooked. The shorter the heat and the longer it takes to cook the stew, the more established and tasty it becomes. This broth is eaten with plain rice or saffron rice and the experience of eating that will surely be interesting and attractive for foreigners.

Fesenjan Stew


Well, it’s Fosanjan’s turn! A delicious and delicious Iranian stew that has won everyone’s heart and adorns important gatherings and parties. Fosanjan stew is prepared from ground walnuts, pomegranate paste and chicken or grilled meatballs. Like Ghormeh Sabzi, this stew should be cooked on low heat for hours to be ready. In different parts of Iran, this stew is made in different ways and in some places it is made more sour in others it is a little bit sweet.



Dizi also called broth or Abgoosht in Persian which is one of the most authentic Iranian dishes. If you want to fully acquaint your foreign friend with Iranian culture and cuisine, take him to a traditional restaurant and order a Dizi! The mutton is cooked with beans and potatoes and sometimes tomatoes to make it ready to eat. It is then served with Sangak bread, vegetables, Dugh and onions.

zereshk polo
Zereshk polo With Chicken

Zereshk Polo

Another of the best Iranian dishes served at the gatherings is Zereshk Polo which is often prepared with chicken. Zereshk Polo  is prepared from a combination of barberry, saffron and white rice, and in addition to its extremely delicious taste, it has a very beautiful and majestic appearance. Zereshk Polo with chicken is one of the most delicious Iranian dishes and has become very famous in the world.

albaloo polo
Albaloo Polo

Albaloo Polo

Albaloo Polo with their beautiful and colorful appearance are considered parliamentary food and are served in many formal parties and ceremonies. Albaloo Polo is one of the most delicious Iranian dishes and is made with both red meat (grilled meatballs) and chicken. Making sour Albaloo Polo requires a certain skill and not everyone can make it well.

baghali polo
Baghali Polo

Baghali Polo

This food is cooked with lamb, it is one of the most majestic and delicious Iranian dishes and many Iranians and of course foreigners love it. To make Baghali Polo, white rice is combined with beans and saffron, and at the end the mutton or chicken is placed next to the plate and served.

loobia polo
Loobia Polo

Lobia Polo

Lobia Polo is the other delicious Iranian dishes and serving that has special customs. Lobi Polo is usually eaten with a piece of fried bread which is been put under the rice at the botto of pot or potato instead of Bread, Shirazi salad, vegetables and yogurt, which is a very tasty combination. In order to make this food, the chopped green beans are mixed with meat, onions, tomato paste, various spices placed on a low heat to get ready.

Tahchin with Lamb


Tehchin is one of the most delicious and beautiful Iranian dishes that has a very stylish and majestic appearance. It is interesting to know that foreigners also call Tehchin an Iranian rice cake because of its beautiful appearance. Tahchin is made simply with chicken, meat, eggplant and…; But chicken Tahchin is more famous.

Jujeh Kebab

Joojeh Kebab

Iranians love meat and most Iranian dishes include chicken or mutton and beef. One of the most delicious meat dishes is grilled chicken which is grilled on heated coal and is very tasty. One of the traditions of Iranians is that when they go to the heart of nature for camping they must bring the necessary ingredients for preparing Joojeh Kebab and grill the chicken on fire or coal. Joojeh Kebab is always eaten with grilled tomatoes, saffron rice and butter which is a very tasty combination.

Gheymeh Stew


Another popular Iranian dish is Gheimeh stew. This food is often served with a slice of fried potato and sometimes with fried eggplant instead. The former being called Gheimeh Sibzamini and the second called Gheimeh Bademjan. In order to prepare the Gheimeh, the minced meat is cooked with onions, chickpeas and tomato paste, Omani lemon and water until it fits perfectly. Finally, add the fried potatoes or fried eggplant to the stew and serve with plain rice or saffron.

egg plant stew
Eggplant Stew

Eggplant stew

Eggplant is used in many Iranian dishes and Iranian love it. One of the most delicious dishes prepared with eggplant is eggplant stew. To prepare this stew, the meat is cooked with onions and spices, and then fried eggplants and gourd are added to it. Eggplant stew is often eaten with white rice or saffron, although it can be served with bread as well.



There are different types of Dolmeh and the most famous of them are grape leaves, tomato paste, eggplant and bell pepper. However, the first one is more popular and many Iranians make them in the spring when the leaves are fresh, sour and delicious. Dolmeh in Iran is one of the local dishes of the provinces of West and East Azerbaijan, however, today this delicious food is cooked all over Iran. Ingredients in this food are a combination of minced meat, vegetable, onion, chickpeas and so on.

Tabrizi Kufteh

Tabrizi meatball or Tabrizi Kufteh

Tabrizi Kufteh as its name suggests is originally coming from Tabriz but today they are prepared all over Iran and are considered one of the most delicious Iranian dishes. In Iran, all kinds of meatballs are prepared but Tabrizi Kufteh are the most famous and delicious one. Tabrizi Kufteh is prepared from a combination of meat, cobs and vegetables, and boiled eggs, plums, walnuts, hot onions and barberry are added to the meatballs.

Ash Reshteh

Ash Reshteh

There are many kinds of Ash in Iran which is something like noodle soup and each region has its own Ash. Meanwhile, Ash is the most famous and foreign tourists are more familiar with it. Ash is one of the most popular Iranian dishes and is cooked as a votive offering on days such as Ramadan. In order to make Ash, they cook different beans with special vegetables and then add noodles and curd to it. Decorating on ash is very important and many Iranians are very good at decorating. Fried onions, fried garlic, fried mint and Kashk are among the main decorations of Ash.

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