The best time to travel to Kish

Did you know the existing oxygen in air in Kish is much more than anywhere else in Iran?! This subject has reduced the pollution in the air. But when’s the best time to go there? If you are one of those people who don’t know when to go to Kish keep going up with us in this article us Travital and we will reveal the secret for you!

The secrets you must know

Imagine you’ve traveled to Kish and you’re going to make your dream of sky diving true. You go to beach but they will tell you the season of sky diving is over and for the reason of increasing the number of jellyfishes and you can’t do that! How would you feel?

kish island greek ship
Greek Ship – Kish Island

The best time in terms of climate

The climate in this island is the first point you should notice. The island’s temperature difference can sometimes reach to 9 degrees with high humidity throughout the year. You can’t experience the zero degree in this island and it’s quite meaningless if you say it’s cold in Kish. Because the weather is very humid in there and raining happens a lot. If you haven’t reached the island yet, the rain is unpleasant, and if you are on the island, it is a blessing of trip.

If the time of your arrival in Kish the weather be rainy and stormy, it’s forbidden for ships to move to Kish dock. At this time, you have to wait until the weather gets sunny again. Sometimes it takes till tomorrow. Therefore be sure to check the weather before traveling to Kish Island.

The climate of this free island is different in each season of year. Though the changes of weather in each season are very much but in overall features for each season of Kish can be considered in whole. The climate that can be considered as the best time to travel to Kish totally depends on the purpose of your trip. So we explain the island’s climate in spring, summer, fall and winter so you can choose your favorite season for traveling to Kish.

Kish Island

Travelling to Kish in Spring

Spring is one of the most popular seasons for Iranians to travel. Because the weather is great and it’s the ancient celebration the Nowruz and there are much more time for traveling. But why do we introduce spring for traveling to Kish? In all spring months, the climate is mild and heavy winds and rainfalls are still low. Most of the Iranians choose March and April as it’s time of vocation in Iran. You can choose either May in order to travel to this island as the weather isn’t humid yet in this month.


Summer the best season for swimming

The weather in summer is very hot and humid in Kish but there’s no raining. The extreme heat of this deserted island can sometimes reach to 50 degrees in some spots of that. So it wouldn’t be the best time for people who are running from heat and would be the worst time. Despite of this heat and humidity the number of tourists in this season is still high! But how is it possible? Because the there’s still the incentive of attending in festivals and sweepstakes. Mean while this season is great for beach amusements and also lying under the sun for those who love the sun. If you can’t travel on summer the autumn is on way.

The best time to travel in autumn

The climate of Kish in autumn is very confusing. Humidity reaches to 60 degrees. You have no summer neither spring. The autumn weather in Kish is accompanied by heavy rainfall and early darkening. The best time to travel to Kish certainly is not autumn but some people are trying to get tourists with some tricks. Tricks such as autumn discount festivals, a 50% discount day in Kish and a cheap hotel are very effective.

In first month of autumn the weather is still humid and hot exactly like summer and the last month there are so many rainfalls like winter. You have limited time for excursion in open space but you also don’t need to be worry about that because Kish shopping centers are mostly covert and ready to offer you autumn discounts.

Winter, the cheapest season for traveling to Kish

Kish is full of rainy days throughout the winter. We don’t recommend the Kish to those who would like to sit on sunny beach and order muhito. The air temperature fluctuates between 9 to 22 degrees per 24 hours and the cool and pleasant weather is one of the reasons make winter the best time to travel to Kish. This mild climate in March, which is closer to spring, gives you more time to visit the attractions of Kish. Kish tourist attractions can identify your destinations on island tours.

Flyboard - Kish Island
Flyboard – Kish Island

October and November, best months for shopping

As we said earlier you have the most discounts on shopping in Kish in autumn. So if you are one of those people who love shopping, go to Kish in autumn. By the way, in this season you will be paying cheaper prices for airline tickets and hotel reservations in Kish. So you have more money to buy. What about attending a 50% discount at shopping malls? The variety of raffles and prizes offered at Kish shopping centers for tourists is one of the benefits of traveling to Kish.

Shopping center in Kish
Shopping center in Kish

The cheapest time for entertainments

Do you prefer water sports like boarding or diving? Flying with parachute over the Persian Gulf has the excitement most young people look forward to it, but sometimes even adults are interested and experience it as well. In all days of year you can do all kinds of water sports and even desert sports in Kish when the weather is sunny on the island. On rainy days, all the people in island go indoor places and there is no more beach entertainment. So forget about mid-autumn and winter in Kish. Late winter, March and all spring months are suitable for the most attractive water sports on Kish Island.

entertainments in kish

The time of Kish festivals

We did not consider summer as the best season to travel to Kish, but this is not always true. Due to the hot and dry climate of Kish Island and the severe heat of island in summer, the number of tourists to Kish decreases. So they have added some attractions to the island in this season. Attractions like presenting a variety of summer festivals and cultural events with great discounts and of course cheap prices! These festivals, which run from July 9th to September 6th each year, attract many tourists.

A variety of exciting festivals and carnivals, happy battle games, musical theater and concerts, water and beach sports, decorating of island’s urban environment and much more are waiting you in the summer. So the best time to travel to Kish to win cash and non-cash prizes is summer.

Kish festivals

The emptiest season of island

The best time to travel to Kish would be March or mid-autumn for those who are interested in solitude and relaxing in beach. In March, you will enjoy the cool fresh air of Persian Gulf with empty beaches and cheap costs. If you go to this island in the middle of week, you might see tourists can be counted by your fingers. Explore the beaches of Kish Island and enjoy walking on sands in the beach.

When travel to Kish would be cheapest?

In October, late April and August you can find the cheapest Kish tour or the cheapest plane ticket to this tourist destination. Though the rainy seasons of year are not the best time to travel to Kish but they’re also the cheapest season to travel to this island.

flyboarding in kish

Appropriate time for diving in Kish

You can go to Kish for diving sites all long the year but it’s better to go early in the morning. Learning to dive and get ready for diving takes time. So if you go in the afternoon, you won’t be able to dive. Because the weather gets dark sooner and you won’t see any beauty of sea. The best time of day for diving is at noon and when the sun is above the sky.

Diving in Kish


Best hotels in Kish

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Any way the best time to travel to Kish depends on the purpose you have. If you have any more questions, leave it here as a comment and if you’ve been there before. please share your experience with us in a comment.

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