The best restaurants in Isfahan

Introduction of the greatest restaurants of Isfahan

Iran is a country where in every corner of that you’ll find attractive sights. Any way some cities for having the great archaism and historic architecture have got a great popularity among the foreign tourists and Isfahan is actually one of those cities. If you’re going to travel to Isfahan in addition to the best accommodations and historic attractions it’s better to know the greatest restaurants as well and get familiar with traditional Isfahan’s food. After all we can’t deny the pleasure of having a delicious meal in our trip. For that case the Travital team is going to introduce you some of the best and most qualified restaurants of Isfahan in this article. It shouldn’t be mentioned these restaurants are very popular even among the foreign tourists let alone to local customers. Here we go to best restaurants of Isfahan, stay with us.

Shahrzad Restaurant

We start the introduction with Shahrzad Restaurant. This restaurant is one of the oldest, best and most famous restaurants in Isfahan and has got reputation among the foreign tourists. This restaurant is a favorite of all for some reasons, the delicious and qualified traditional Iranian food, the beautiful interior of restaurant which is designed with wall paintings and Qajar tilings, the suitable location in Charbagh Abbasi St and being near to most of tourist attractions like Khaju Bridge, Zayandehrud and Abbasi Hotel. The colorful windows and splendid unique mirroring has made this place to one of the best restaurants of Isfahan, you can have the best traditional Iranian food while enjoying the great atmosphere.

Address: Shahrzad restaurant, Abbas Abad St, Isfahan

Khan Gostar Restaurant

Khan Gostar is the name of a collection of restaurants in Isfahan with several branches. One of these branches is placed in downtown and the other one with more popularity located in Jolfa catholic region. This restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Isfahan with a luxury and fancy decoration, pleasant and clean area, good services and a hundred of delicious Iranian food. Some part of this restaurant is self service and serves various types of vegan food.

Address: Khan Gostar restaurant, Jolfa Hotel, Hakim Nezami St, Isfahan

Azam Beryani Restaurant

One of the best and main traditional dishes of Isfahan is certainly Beryan which Isfahan people themselves like it very much. Although there are many restaurants across the Isfahan that serve Beryan but this one is one of the most popular for tasting this food. It’s a kind of oily food made by meat and is served in some special restaurant as same as Kalleh Pacheh.

Note: it’s necessary to mention that most of the people call this food Beryani wrongly while it should be called Beryan and Beryani is in fact the name of the place or restaurant that serves this food.


Arch Restaurant

This restaurant is also located on famous and high class Jolfa neighborhood and in Vanak Church’s alley and that’s why many people and tourists choos here to eat after visiting the church. This restaurant with classic atmosphere and beautiful interiors is a quite nice place for eating food which is also very charming for foreign tourists. If you go to this restaurant in summer you can sit in the yard, otherwise you can use inside the restaurant in cold seasons. Here is one of the most luxurious restaurants in Isfahan and the prices are a bit high, you need to reserve the table in advance.

Address: the Vanak Church’s alley, Jolfa, Isfahan

Jarchibashi Restaurant

One of the best and delighted restaurants of Isfahan located in a historic 400 years old bath. Jarhibashi restaurant is placed in a historic bath and you can enjoy watching tilling walls and water fountains sound while eating. Furthermore you can hear the live music in this place and the sound of traditional Iranian instruments in the middle of this ancient bath creates you a dreamy atmosphere.

Address: Malek Sultan Jarchibashi residential complex, the 7th alley, Hakim St, Seppah St, Isfahan

Hermes Cafe Restaurant

In addition to traditional restaurants, some fast foods needed to be introduced here. Hermes café restaurant is an Italian restaurant in Isfahan which is very famous for its rare delicious steaks. The stylish sofas and luxury interior caused many people choose here to eat. This place is located in Jolfa and Vanak church as well.

Address: Jolfa Square alley, Vanak church alley, Nazarmiyani St, Isfahan

Arabu Fast food

Jolfa neighborhood is a catholic region and a kind of place full of restaurants and cafes, therefore if you want to find best restaurants you should certainly go there. Although Arabu has a small space but any way it has the most delicious sandwiches and fast foods of Isfahan.

Address: Arabu fast food, Vanak Church alley, Nazarmiyani St, Hakim Nezami St, Isfahan

Fereni Hafez

Fereni is one of the most delicious desserts in Iran which made in different cities. This dessert is made of rice flour, milk, sugar and rose water basically. It’s also one of the most popular desserts of Isfahan which is sold in special stores. Fereni is delicious and cheap and that’s why most of the people choose it for breakfast or a sweet and warm meal during the day. There are many Fereni stores across the Isfahan but this one is one of the most famous ones. You can buy the most delicious Fereni of Isfahan with a suitable price in here.

Address: Fereni Hafez, Hafez St, Isfahan

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