Traditional accommodations in Yazd

Traditional residences of Yazd When it comes to discussion of traveling to Yazd, everyone think about the beautiful and traditional houses in there. The custom buildings which have caused this city called as the first clay city in Iran. It can be said this city has sustain its traditional tissue and has remained almost intact. …

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Shovel Swinging Ritual, a 2000 years old Tradition to Appreciate the Goddess of Water

Introduction to the Shovel Swinging Ritual As you know Iran is a country with rich history and in every historical period of time different governments ruled this country and this has lead to creation of different ceremonies and rituals which each of them represent the thoughts and culture of a part of this large country. …

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Best traditional accommodations in Isfahan

Isfahan Traditional Hotel

Isfahan is one of the most spectacular cities of Iran which many domestic and foreign tourists visit it every year. A city full of historic sites and architecture attractions which makes everybody amazed and all visitors admire the art of builders and architectures of this city. But nothing is like staying some nights in one …

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