Get acquainted with the best vegen restaurants in Tehran

Introduction to vegan restaurants in Tehran In today’s world, there have been many changes in the lifestyle of people from different societies, one of which is the abandonment of bulky animal foods and the replacement of plant foods. People who have opted for this lifestyle are called vegans, veganism is a way of life that …

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Where to eat the best and the most delicious Dizy in Tehran


Famous Dizy restaurants of Tehran Broth or Dizy is one of the traditional and delicious Iranian foods that still retains its high status despite the popularity of Western and fast food. No matter how much you love pizza, hamburger and steak, you still know that nothing can replace a tasty, stuffed Dizy with fresh Sangak …

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Where to eat the Best and Most Delicious Kebabs in Tehran + Address

Introduction to the Best Kebab Restaurants in Tehran One of the most popular dishes in the Middle East is Kebab; it is often made by lamb or veal with onions and spices. To cook this dish, the meat is roasted in a metal or wooden skewer and set on a direct fire until it is …

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The best restaurants in Isfahan

Gushfil & Doogh

Introduction of the greatest restaurants of Isfahan Iran is a country where in every corner of that you’ll find attractive sights. Any way some cities for having the great archaism and historic architecture have got a great popularity among the foreign tourists and Isfahan is actually one of those cities. If you’re going to travel …

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Best places in Tehran to eat street food

Street Food Tehran

One of the most fascinating tourist attractions in any destination is speaking of gourmet and the food in that city or country. In recent years, the discussion of street food has become very important, and in every country there are several food vendors beside each other and each one’s offering a world of delicious and …

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The most popular restaurants in Tehran

Revolving restaurant of Milad Tower

Introduction of the best restaurants of Tehran Gastronomy has become one of the most fascinating activities of people all around the world. It’s interesting to know that this issue has taken seriously in Iran and today we’re witnessing some of the best and even international restaurants in different cities and this might be considered as …

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