Maharloo Lake in Fars

Maharloo Lake, the strangest attraction in Fars province What comes to mind when you hear the name of the lake ?! Surely you will remember the small and large blue lakes that you have visited many times. But what if we tell you that there is a red lake? Today we are going to introduce …

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Unbelievable pictures of Iran’s nature


Iran’s attractive pictures Iran is a country with various and attractive attractions and if we want to go in order to discover and visit them we should leave our daily work and spends months for traveling from one city to another. In this article of Travital we’re going to show you some photos from attractive …

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Fin Garden In Kashan

Fin garden Kashan

Introduction of Fin garden in Kashan Iranian gardens are considered as the best architecture examples in the world because they are a combination of history, architecture, art and nature. This uniqueness is impressive enough to be used even after passing hundred years in architecture of building new gardens and attracts all eyes. But the garden …

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10 popular villages around Mashhad

Mashhad is geographically located among a mountainous area and that’s why it has a great climate. The villages around this city have shaped for this advantage and turned to one of the attractions in Mashhad. Today we’re going to introduce you 10 best villages around Mashhad and also some info about access ways and their …

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Saravan forest park in Gilan

Saravan Nationa Park

Get familiar with Saravan Wild Park and a natural comfort As you know there are many natural attractions in north of country which can make the visitors reminding memories. Due to the jungles and rivers existed in this region it’s suggested to choose this area for natural tours and recreations. In this issue of Travital …

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Best tourism villages in Iran

Uraman Village

Introduction of the tourism villages in Iran you must visit Village tour is one of those kinds of trips which is common among the most of people with a high level of absorbing. There are many beautiful villages in Iran you may never have heard the name of them! But they are so spectacular that …

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Shahdad Kaloots (Kalut) In Kerman


Where is the warmest spot on earth? For sure this question may have come to your mind for several times, this region of course placed in Kerman province in Iran. It’s the region that it’s remembered as a place for exciting entertainments like; safari, desert tour, camel ridding and scientific research. Shahdad Kaloots , the …

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Examples of world’s attractions in Iran


All world tourist attractions are gathered in Iran! It might be odd and strange to read this sentence but it’s totally a true sentence. With travelling to even some parts of Iran you’ll visit examples of top attractions of the world which many people around the world visit them in every year. For instance one …

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